Our Mission:

To provide programming and resources for creating a radically free world through self-transformation. 

Our Values

Our approach is Radical

We reject band-aid fixes and aim to approach all things with fierce vision, compassion, liberation, and unity. We know the source of our healing comes from "grabbing at the root."

We prioritize collective liberation

We divest from individualism and invest our joy and energy into systems and relationships of repair and connection.

We believe liberation is possible

We believe freedom for all is not only possible but within reach. We live our lives and run NEKKID from that belief.

We know joy and pleasure is the roadmap

Taking our cue from Audre Lorde, we know that joy and pleasure is our birthright; they can also be the antithesis of domination culture. We keep our focus on the two as we move through transformation.

Our Roots

Black Feminism
Yogic Philosophy
Radical Love


Martissa Williams

Founder, Writer, Liberation Doula

Daughter of Corliss, granddaughter of Beaddie, niece to Allie, sister to Ayeshia, and child of the Black Freedom Fighters that built this country, bleed for their children and dreamed liberation into being. 

Martissa is a Radical Black Queer Femme and lifelong student of joy and suffering.  While studying Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the University of Rochester, Martissa fell deeply in love with Yogic Philosophy and the embodiment practice of Asana. Committed to a personal journey of social and spiritual liberation, Martissa became a 200 RYT (registered yoga teacher) and set out to assist her community in their own liberation efforts. NEKKID was born out of this commitment. 

Her praxis was formed at the intersections of her spiritual faith, Blackness, and ancestral connection. Her politics — collective liberation born from radical love.

Sun: Capricorn

Moon: Aries

Rising: Cancer

Liz Wiltsie

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” – Angela Y. Davis

Sun: Capricorn

Moon: Sagittarius

Rising: Leo