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The Toolbox is a 12-month membership designed to help make anti-oppression a lived practice.

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You go to the gym and eat quality food for your body; you read, study and see your therapist every week for your brain; and you may even tune into a spiritual guide for your spirit but what about our liberation? Where do you go to get free, to unlearn the scripts of the systems of oppression, to contribute to the joy and pleasure of the whole?
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Imagine a more satisfying world
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Unlearn the limits of oppression
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Connect to your intuition
Learn to hold a more satisfying vision for the world, unlearn ways of being that are steeped in oppression and domination, and develop a deeper intimacy with your intuition.
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Who is the Toolbox for?

The Well Read Personification

The Well Read

You’ve been studying the literature for years. You know your Baldwin, hooks, and Marx but are still feeling lost on how to live a life aligned with the values you hold dear. You are well versed on activist language but lack the embodiment of the freedom offered.

The Fed Up Personification

The Fed-Up

Your IG feed is fraught with social travesty. The world feels heavy and broken but you don’t know what to do. You are searching for the “checklist”, the “how to not be a shitty person in the 21st century” survival guide.

The Radical Personification

The Radical

You are looking to orient yourself more deeply with the Truth you believe. You’ve never done things like everyone else and are ready to hone your radical compass even further. You know that collective liberation is dependent on personal liberation.

Liberation Is Calling

Your Liberation Journey:

Dream It.

Dream Work

"What we cannot imagine cannot come into being." - bell hooks, All About Love

A key to our freedom is the expansion of our imagination. We must believe a better life is possible. We must act, speak, think, and make decisions like that life is possible every day.In this workshop, we walk through some examples of ways of living that are beyond our imagination and then orient our own imaginations toward the seemingly impossible.

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Unlearn It.

Unlearn Oppression

"When we set about trying to transform society, we must remember that we ourselves will also need to transform." - Mariama Kaba, We Do This ‘Till We Free Us

We’ve all been inoculated with ways of being, thinking, and relating dictated by domination and separation. To support the becoming of a peaceful and connected world, we ourselves must unlearn the patterns that created this division and strife in the first place. In this workshop, we walk through the characteristics of White Supremacy, Capitalism, and Patriarchy to identify the places in our lives where we perpetuate them.

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Align + Embody It.

Align + Embody

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  - Mahatama Ghandi

Once you've imagined a more satisfying life for us all and have begun the process of unlearning oppression, it is time to connect with your deep knowing.  Much of what we have been taught has divorced us from our intuition.In this workshop, we connect with our intuition, determine our true values, and put practices and habits into place that brings us into deeper alignment with and embodiment of those values.

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Practice It.

Presence Practices

"Freedom is not a secret. It is a practice." - Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Freedom is a practice; a practice of aligning with your values and making different decisions. Presence is an essential building block to this practice. Presence breeds awareness and we can not transform into more radical versions of ourselves until we are aware of our programs moment to moment, day to day, action to action.

In the membership, there are over a dozen presence practices for you to deepen your relationship with the present movement and make liberation a daily practice. There are also built-in accountability tools to help you stay committed to this work.

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Live It.

Neuroscience to Consider

“The brain is a muscle that can move the world.” - Stephen King

Understanding how my brain works has been pivotal to my liberation journey. With the knowledge of polyvagal theory, neuroplasticity and epigenetics I  could stop wishing for change and be strategic about how to shift my internal world. In the membership, you receive some background knowledge on these topics and how to use these truths to build more satisfying and joyful realities.

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In a world that is burning down around us, what is our part? To transform into the folks that will rebuild it from the ashes.

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Blonde Martissa Williams

About The Toolbox Creator, Martissa

Hi Dear Ones! I am Martissa Williams, your Liberation Doula. I am a Radical Black Queer Femme and lifelong student of joy and suffering.

I have devoted my life to supporting radical individuals actualize a life of liberation.

My praxis was formed at the intersections of my spiritual faith, queer identity, Blackness, and ancestral connection. My politics — collective liberation born from radical love.

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All memberships are a 12-month commitment and will auto-renew 12 months from enrollment.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

No, because you get immediate access to the entire Toolbox there are no refunds.  All Membership purchases are final sale.

How often am I billed?

My billing system is automated and we do not have the ability to freeze or skip payments or adjust the billing cycle for any members. Upon signup, members will be billed automatically every 30 days.

Does this membership renew?

Yes! If you would like to cancel your membership before it renews please email at least 15-days before renewal.

Can I share my login?

These links are for you only. Please respect my labor and don’t share your login with anyone! That said, I’m committed to financial accessibility, so if you know someone who would benefit from this resource but can’t afford it, please pass along my contact info,  and I’ll get them set up with a mutual aid code. (This text is from Bear Hebert)